Before and After 2

Mouse over images to maneuver the slider feature and see the “Before and After” effect of our dental reconstruction procedures. You will be amazed at the stunning results for each individual patient. We take great pride in our work making you look the best you can because smiles matter!

This young woman had chipped her two front teeth. Another dentist had restored them, but one restoration fell out several months after being placed and she didn’t like the appearance of the restoration on the other tooth.

I bonded her two front teeth with dental composite. Even at this magnification, it is difficult for anyone to see the restorations I did on either tooth. At a conversational distance, the restorations are invisible.

*Due to doctor/patient relationships, and confidentially agreements, we do not show full face photos of our patients. You’ll just have to imagine how these photos, enlarged several times over normal, looks when blended into one’s face at normal proportions.