Before and After 4

Mouse over images to maneuver the slider feature and see the “Before and After” effect of our dental reconstruction procedures. You will be amazed at the stunning results for each individual patient. We take great pride in our work making you look the best you can because smiles matter!

This gentleman had worn down his two front teeth; they were so thin that the darkness of his mouth was showing through at the biting edge. Due to their thinness the teeth were also chipping at the biting edge. He had been to see other dentists who only wanted to crown (cap) his teeth, something he didn’t want to do.

I bonded his two front teeth using dental composite material (reinforced plastic) at a cost that was about one third that of two crowns. This treatment also preserved much more tooth structure than would have been removed had crowns been done

*Due to doctor/patient relationships, and confidentially agreements, we do not show full face photos of our patients. You’ll just have to imagine how these photos, enlarged several times over normal, looks when blended into one’s face at normal proportions.