Before and After 5

Mouse over images to maneuver the slider feature and see the “Before and After” effect of our dental reconstruction procedures. You will be amazed at the stunning results for each individual patient. We take great pride in our work making you look the best you can because smiles matter!

This otherwise very attractive young woman was embarrassed by her smile. A previous dentist’s fillings were falling out, chipping, staining and were very noticeable. She said she wanted to cap all her front teeth, but lacked the necessary funds. We offered the alternative of directly bonding the front teeth which was more within her budget. Interestingly, at first she didn’t like the result as I had made the teeth slightly longer to compensate for the years of wear she had placed on them.

After she went home and EVERYONE said her smile looked wonderful, she recognized her teeth should have been longer. (There is a length/width ratio to a tooth that most people find esthetically pleasing, which my measurements and preliminary waxing indicated was correct.) Bottom line: two days later she couldn’t stop smiling and has since referred many others to our office.

*Due to doctor/patient relationships, and confidentially agreements, we do not show full face photos of our patients. You’ll just have to imagine how these photos, enlarged several times over normal, looks when blended into one’s face at normal proportions.