Financial Information

Giving You the Flexibility You Need for the Care You Deserve

We feel that quality dental care should be affordable for everyone. Many of our patients require little dental work and incur minimal expense. However, some patients need extensive treatment and require financial assistance. Unless arrangements are made with our office manager ahead of time, payment for services totaling less than $300 is expected at the completion of treatment. For your convenience in paying for your dental care, we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Additional information you should know:

  • You’ll receive a treatment plan with an estimate of fees and the amount due when service is rendered.
  • With approved credit, we may establish a payment contract, not to exceed six months. An interest rate of 18% per annum will be applied if payments are not submitted as agreed.
  • As the patient, you are ultimately responsible for all payment amounts, regardless of insurance coverage.
  • All outstanding balances over 30 days are subject to an interest charge of 18% per annum, or a $1.50 statement charge, whichever is greater.

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