Dental Insurance 101

Unraveling the Mystery of Dental Insurance

In our office, it makes no difference whether or not you have dental insurance. Regardless, I will perform a thorough examination and deliver an accurate diagnosis. We’ll help you understand your dental issues and options for care. I will tell you what I would do in your situation to help you choose the appropriate therapies. Our obligation is to you, not your insurance carrier, and we won’t allow insurance coverage or lack of it to affect the service or treatment we provide.

Dental insurance really isn’t insurance. By definition, insurance is a pooling of funds to pay for rare or catastrophic events. Dental disease occurs in about 90% of the population, so while it may be catastrophic, it is not rare. Therefore, dental insurance is more of a plan to provide tax-free benefits for employees than true insurance.

Regardless of whether our office is affiliated with your insurance plan, you can still receive the care and benefits within the terms of your employer’s contract with the insurance carrier. This may mean in some instances that you could pay more out of pocket. We’ll help you understand your insurance plan and will electronically file your claim for you. Our staff will provide the necessary documentation so that you can receive any reimbursement to which you’re entitled. In addition, we’re available as a resource if more information is needed, and we’ll be your advocate in dealing with your insurance carrier. Please keep in mind, however, that dentists are powerless to influence plan benefits negotiated between your employer and the insurance company. Only you, through your employer or the benefits manager at your company, can do that.

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