Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Both Zoom and BriteSmile tooth whitening systems are heavily promoted by their manufacturers, who receive a percentage of the fees charged every time their lights and proprietary bleaching solutions are used. They do work, but independent research shows that identical results can be obtain at usually a lower cost by home-use bleaching trays. If you have a wedding to go to this weekend, then these bleaching lights are probably the way to go, but if you plan ahead, in my opinion, trays will give you the same results, probably at a lower cost, in just a few days more by wearing the trays while you sleep. Like roots growing out from bleached hair, the bleached teeth will darken over time unless the dentist provides bleaching trays; if one has bleaching trays, the teeth can be easily re-lighten with a touch up of the bleaching solutions. Without the trays, you’ll have to undergo another visit to the dentist to re-bleach the teeth. While both treatments (bleaching lights and trays) can cause tooth sensitivity, there is usually less sensitivity with the bleaching trays. Further, the bleaching lights tend to bleach the outside of your teeth, whereas with the bleaching trays, both inside and outside of the teeth will lighten. (Envision a light bulb with the back half of the bulb darker than the front half, or a porcelain dinner plate, with the underside darker, and I think you’ll get the concept of bleaching both the inside and outside of the teeth.) An additional cost factor with any bleaching system is that they will not bleach any existing restorations, and your restorations may appear much darker after bleaching, necessitating their replacement with a lighter colored material.

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