Restorative Dentistry and Replacement Teeth

Did you know that oral health can affect your overall well being and vitality? Dental decay, damage, and disease not only diminish your smile, they can also lessen your both confidence and quality of life. Others have said that I am  a skilled restorative dentist with extensive training; I care about my paitient’s wellbeing and can offer a variety of therapies to repair fragile smiles.

Tooth-colored fillings and ceramic crowns return form and function to compromised teeth and let you keep an all-white smile. If necessary, I may suggest a root canal to save an irreparably damaged tooth from extraction. If you need replacement teeth, we offer bridges, full dentures and partial dentures, as well as dental implants. A severely damaged smile may benefit from full-mouth reconstruction, which is a comprehensive plan to renew oral health. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available.

Because an attractive smile DOES matter. Review our restorative therapies and replacement teeth options, and then call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Heher. We deliver exceptional care and personalized service to residents of Salisbury and Delmarva.

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