Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

Giving Smiles New Life with Dentures and Partials

Missing teeth can jeopardize your oral health and prevent you from living life to the fullest. I want you to have a complete smile, so rather than offer stock dentures, we only offer customized and personalized full and partial dentures returning oral comfort to your mouth, as well as chewing function, speech function and appearance.

Full dentures contain a complete set of prosthetic teeth on a gum-colored base to mimic a natural smile. If you’ve lost all your teeth to disease, decay, or trauma, dentures are an ideal solution to renew your smile and let you eat, talk, and laugh with confidence. Dentures are typically held in place with adhesive but may be secured with dental implants for maximum stability.

I don’t think full dentures are “the answer” if you still have teeth.  I’ve heard one wag suggest that full dentures are dentistry’s ultimate failure after thirty-two previous failures.  I may suggest a partial denture, or partial, if you have some healthy teeth remaining or even over-dentures. Partials fill the gaps left by missing teeth, much like puzzle pieces complete a puzzle. Partial dentures are secured with hidden metal clasps attached to neighboring teeth. Today, more modern partial denture design can usually hide the clasps, making them invisible to the naked eye. 

Overdentures are done in cases where there has been such severe damage to the remaining teeth and bone support, that several of the best teeth remaining are selected to undergo root canal therapy, then are sectioned just above the gum line and full dentures placed on top.  By keeping the roots of the teeth, you also preserve the bone, as the teeth act as scaffolding for the bone; the more bone you have, the better the retention of the denture.  Overdentures can be placed on top of implants as well.  They are considerably more stable than full dentures without any remaining teeth.

Because an attractive smile DOES matter. Call today to schedule your dentures or partial appointment with Dr. Heher. We deliver exceptional care and personalized service to residents of Salisbury and Delmarva.

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