Teeth Whitening

Freshening Smiles with Professional Teeth Whitening

Have your teeth lost their luster? What you eat and drink, and even the natural aging process, can diminish your smile’s sparkle. At my Salisbury dental office, we offer customized bleaching trays for take-home teeth whitening to freshen appearances and brighten smiles.

As an experienced cosmetic dentist, and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I believe that professional home bleaching kits are the most economical and effective way to whiten smiles. I’ll provide you with custom-made bleaching trays using full-strength American Dental Association approved teeth-whitening gel to use in the privacy of your home, which unlike bleaching lights, and over-the counter-bleaching strips, will bleach both sides of your teeth. (Try to visualize a light bulb with one side dark, or a porcelain plate with a dark backside, and the significance of bleaching both the inside and outside of the teeth will make sense.) Simply insert the gel in the trays and wear as directed to achieve a brilliantly white smile. Many patients see results after just one application, with maximum brightness emerging after a week to ten days.

Because an attractive smile DOES matter. Call today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Heher. We deliver exceptional care and personalized service to residents of Salisbury and Delmarva.

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