Non-Surgical Elimination of TMJ Discomfort

Non-Surgical Elimination of TMJ Discomfort

If your jaw clicks when you speak along with unexplained facial, neck, jaw, or shoulder pain, you may have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Customized TMJ therapy to eliminate discomfort and restore optimal jaw function and chewing may be required.

The two small joints in front of your ears (the Temporo Mandibular Joints or TMJ for short) are responsible for the smooth motion of your jaw. Pain and pressure result when these joints are aggravated by a host of factors, including stress, bruxism (teeth grinding), trauma, or a misaligned bite. I will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your distress and present treatment options to restore jaw comfort and function.

Many patients experience relief with custom-fitted nightguards that ease stressed jaw muscles and promote proper jaw alignment. If your TMJ pain is caused by a misaligned bite, I can provide conservative treatment to properly align your bite and smile. We’ll help you decide which therapy option is right for your unique case.

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