Putting Technology to Work for You

I understand the importance technology plays in modern 21st. century dentistry. State-of-the-art dental devices improve diagnostic accuracy, increase comfort, and promote a pleasant dental care experience. Over the years, we have been one of the first dental practices in the area to utilize a variety of leading-edge technologies, which in time became incorporated into some other dental offices, and we continue to keep pace with the current advances in dentistry to bring you exceptional service and outstanding care.

Using Technology to Enhance Understanding

During your checkup or new patient exam, if problems are discovered, to assist you in visualizing and understanding these problems, we may take pictures inside your mouth with an intraoral camera and display them along with oversized digital x-rays on a chairside monitor. I’ll use these images to explain his findings and help you determine which therapies are right for you. I may create a wax model of your smile to illustrate the proposed benefits of specific treatments.

Modern Diagnostic Equipment

Digital X-rays – We employ digital radiography at our Salisbury dental office. Digital X-rays emit about 80% less radiation than traditional radiography and aid in accurate, efficient diagnoses. In addition, the images can be viewed immediately on a chairside monitor and quickly transmitted to insurance companies and specialists via the Internet. Our panoramic x-ray machine provides a detailed, two-dimensional view of teeth and supporting structures and reveals issues not easily identified during a visual or manual exam or by more traditional intra-oral x-rays, with far less radiation than x-ray film.

Air Abrasion – To prepare a tooth for restoration, Dr. Heher uses air abrasion after use of the dental drill. Air abrasion uses a stream of air and tiny, micron-sized abrasive particles to quickly and quietly whisk away any residual decay, providing an exceptionally clean surface to bond a restoration.  Research has demonstrated that air abrasion improves the final result of a restoration, sometimes dramatically.

VELscope – Oral cancer is a stealth disease that often goes undetected until it has spread to the neck and lymph nodes. Early detection greatly improves survival chances, so I use a VELscope to screen for this disease at every new patient exam and every other checkup. The VELscope handpiece emits a special light that identifies suspicious mouth lesions requiring follow-up, even those lesions beneath the surface of the tissue and not yet visible in the mouth. Oral cancer claims the life of one American each hour, so we consider the VELscope a lifesaving device, especially on Delmarva, where the many cancer rates are above the national average.

Microsurgery, using a Surgical Operating Microscope – I use a binocular surgical operating microscope to observe minute details on a tooth’s surface. When combined with decay detecting dyes, this high-tech tool enables him to see tooth decay and fractures not visible to the naked eye. Such close inspection means complete and total decay removal for a stronger, healthy tooth, as well as much more conservative and longer lasting restorations. (Removing less tooth structure = stronger teeth.) When restorations viewed 10-16 times larger than normal through a microscope look good through the microscope, you can image how good they must look when viewed normal sized.

Patient Comfort

Mycaring staff and I will conscientiously attend to your needs and comfort during your visit. If you’re fearful of dentists or dental procedures, ask us how nitrous oxide (laughing gas), calms apprehension and alleviates anxiety, promoting a more positive dental experience. We truly care about our patients and constantly strive to create an atmosphere and environment of serenity to deliver an outstanding dental experience.

Because an attractive smile DOES matter. Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Heher. We deliver exceptional care and personalized service to residents of Salisbury and Delmarva.

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